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Capture Information From Octopus Deploy

Aim: Increase logging generated as part of database deployment via Octopus to assist when investigating failed deployments & reviewing successful deployments. In a previous post on deploying databases using TeamCity & Octopus, I used a PowerShell script (Deploy.ps1) to deploy the databases. However, I’m not entirely happy with the information available about each deployment after […]

Matrix Multiplication Using SQL

This week I found out how to perform matrix multiplication using SQL. I don’t think I’ve touched matrix multiplication since university so first I gave myself a quick refresher in the mathematics. To multiply two matrices (A x B), e.g. First, determine the size of the resulting matrix which will have the same number of […]

Install SQL Server 2014 on Windows Azure VM

Aim: Set up a Windows Azure virtual machine to serve as a testing environment for the new features available in SQL Server 2014. Set up a Windows Azure virtual machine: Sign into Windows Azure at Click on the Portal button on the top right-hand side. Click on the Virtual Machines tab on the left-hand side & then […]

“MSB4025: The project file could not be loaded. Data at the root level is invalid.” error when building SSDT project in TeamCity

I recently encountered this error when attempting to build a solution with a new SSDT project in TeamCity. The error occurred at the 01 – Build configuration “Visual Studio (sln)” step: Data.sln(2,1): error MSB4025: The project file could not be loaded. Data at the root level is invalid. Line 2, position 1. The error message […]

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