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Rename objects in SSDT

Aim: Rename objects in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) without breaking dependencies. You can rename SSDT objects in their definition (.sql) files however this does not update the name of the object throughout the project. Renaming an object in this way will break any references to the object in dependent objects (e.g. views or stored […]

SSIS Data Import Script Task

Aim: To use an SSIS Script Task to import csv files where the metadata is different for each file. Recently I had a task to do a one-off import of data from a large number of csv files where the metadata was different for each file. For example, the number of columns, names of column […]

“SQL71508: The model already has an element that has the same name” error when building SSDT solution

I recently came across thisĀ error when attempting to build an SSDT solution that had been handed over to me by another developer. The database references within the solution were quite complicated for a couple of reasons: Due to the large number of objects in some of the databases, the solution included composite projects. This meant […]

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