Aim: Rename objects in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) without breaking dependencies. You can rename SSDT objects in their definition (.sql) files however this does not update the name of the object throughout the project. Renaming an object in this way will break any references to the object in dependent objects (e.g. views or stored […]

Aim: To remove unnecessary information from SSMS query tabs, to make them more useful & easier to read. I was reminded of this very useful customisation in SSMS the other day while reviewing Brent Ozar training notes. By default, SSMS includes the file (query), server, database & login names in the query tab. Unless these […]

Aim: To script multiple database objects using the Object Explorer Details window in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It’s not possible to script multiple objects at the same time from the Object Explorer window in SSMS. However, by opening the Object Explorer Details window from the View menu, you can navigate to the relevant folder […]

Aim: Schedule daily backups of an on-premises SQL Server database & copy it to an Azure virtual machine as part of a Disaster Recovery process. In the previous post, I set up a virtual network & machine in Azure that on-premises SQL Server databases can be backed up to as part of a Disaster Recovery process. If the on-premises […]

I recently encountered this error when attempting to run Add-AzureAccount using Azure PowerShell on a Windows 8.1 machine. The error occurred regardless of whether I was running PowerShell as a regular user or as Administrator. The browser based authentication dialog failed to complete. Reason: The server or proxy was not found. The error message gives […]

Aim: Create a virtual network & machine in Azure to which on-premises SQL Server databases can be backed up as part of a Disaster Recovery process. Create the virtual network: In the Azure portal, scroll down through the list of resources on the left-hand side & select Networks. In the Virtual Networks tab on the main pane, click “Create […]

Some time ago, I encountered an apparently failing backup job on a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance. The job used the Back Up Database Task in a maintenance plan to back up multiple databases & the apparent failure was due to the removal of one of the databases from the instance without it being removed […]

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