Aim: Schedule daily backups of an on-premises SQL Server database & copy it to an Azure virtual machine as part of a Disaster Recovery process. In the previous post, I set up a virtual network & machine in Azure that on-premises SQL Server databases can be backed up to as part of a Disaster Recovery process. If the on-premises […]

I recently encountered this error when attempting to run Add-AzureAccount using Azure PowerShell on a Windows 8.1 machine. The error occurred regardless of whether I was running PowerShell as a regular user or as Administrator. The browser based authentication dialog failed to complete. Reason: The server or proxy was not found. The error message gives […]

Aim: Create a virtual network & machine in Azure to which on-premises SQL Server databases can be backed up as part of a Disaster Recovery process. Create the virtual network: In the Azure portal, scroll down through the list of resources on the left-hand side & select Networks. In the Virtual Networks tab on the main pane, click “Create […]

Some time ago, I encountered an apparently failing backup job on a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance. The job used the Back Up Database Task in a maintenance plan to back up multiple databases & the apparent failure was due to the removal of one of the databases from the instance without it being removed […]

Aim: To allow remote connections to a SQL Server named instance. These steps are useful as a basic troubleshooting guide when you are experiencing problems connecting to a named instance from another computer. Open SQL Server Services in SQL Server Configuration Manager & start the Browser if it is stopped. If the Browser is disabled, enable it via […]

As of early 2016, I find the new Azure portal very unintuitive to navigate & unfortunately the Microsoft documentation seems to be work-in-progress, so I’m starting a chain of blog posts to help me remember where useful settings are. Inbound & outbound security rules: In Resource groups, click on the appropriate resource group (e.g. testRG) to expand the […]

Aim: To use an SSIS Script Task to import csv files where the metadata is different for each file. Recently I had a task to do a one-off import of data from a large number of csv files where the metadata was different for each file. For example, the number of columns, names of column […]

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